Behind the scenes of Epping Forest District Museum

In 2013, Epping Forest District Museum in Waltham Abbey closed to the public to embark on a major redevelopment project after securing £1.64 million funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund. The project will make the museum a fully accessible space with a new lift. As well as this, the museum will become an expanded facility with more storage space for the museum’s fascinating collection, a new gallery, a community and education room and new temporary exhibition space.

Since the closure a lot of work has been going on behind the scenes including packing away the entire collection to be moved and stored and preparing the building for construction work to begin.

The building work began in 2015 by award winning construction specialists Coniston who have worked on a number of museum based projects including the Imperial War Museum, The British Museum and are also currently working on the refurbishment of the Europe Galleries at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Epping Forest District Museum as it was.

The museum  is extending into the first floor above the local library. The new stairs and lift have been installed to make the museum fully accessible. Another major part of the project is the opening up of the front door to 39 Sun Street which will form the new main entrance to the Museum.

This image shows what would have been the original front door to the house.

Tudor Gallery
Tudor Gallery

Another key area for the project is a chance to interpret the Tudor part of the building. The house itself has a fascinating history and the team are very keen to share and expose the story of the building. Along with new galleries and a new entrance, the museum will have a dedicated community and education space. The room will be able to fit a class of 30 children making a better visitor experience for school groups but also be equipped for lectures, talks and presentations providing a fantastic new space for the museum.

Core gallery
Core gallery

A new gallery ‘The Core Gallery’  will feature key objects from the collection and give visitors the opportunity to see behind the scenes into the stores, and people at work caring for the collection.

Along with the new on-site storage, there will be the chance for visitors to see into the stores through glass viewing areas allowing them to experience some of the fantastic pieces of art in the museum’s collection, even when they are not on display.

The Museum will re-open on the 19 March. We look forward to welcoming you then.


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