The Moot Hall

The Moot Hall has stood in the centre of Maldon for nearly 600 years and is probably one of the oldest brick buildings in the County and is Grade 1 listed. It began life as a part of the family home of Sir Robert D’Arcy and went on to be the centre of local government in this ancient borough until the mid-1970s.


The Moot Hall has served Maldon as town hall, prison, police station, court house, charter house, armoury, council chamber and public meeting space for nearly 450 years. It was believed to have been built in around 1420, the tower is part of a brick extension to an existing timber manor house and was commissioned by Sir Robert D’arcy ( d1448) probably not long after his marriage in 1417 to a Maldon heiress Alice Fitzlangley (1395-1448). D’arcy was the MP for Maldon six times, a lawyer by trade and had become a rich and powerful man as legal advisor to the king and local gentry and his family held part of the Manor of Little Maldon.

The Moot Hall now has a new life as a centre for the social history of the town and plays host to numerous events, including: weddings, civil ceremonies, performances and exhibitions. Come and see for yourself this wonderful historic building on one of our bespoke tours. You can choose from; a private tour, a day tour with or without afternoon tea or a twilight tour with a glass of wine on the balcony. All of them offer a perfect way to enjoy this beautiful historic building.


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