New Hall Vineyard

New Hall Vineyard was established in 1969 by the Greenwood Family, and is now one of the largest commercial vineyards in the UK with over 100 acres of vines.  The vineyard was established after Bill Greenwood read in the Parish records that a vineyard existed next to the local Church, All Saints Parish, in 1170. Wine produced from these wines were requested by King John to be drunk during the sealing of the Magna Carter. Situated in one of the driest regions in the UK with a unique microclimate, Bill begun replacing his arable crops with vines.


New Hall continues to be a family-run business, supported by a long-serving team of staff with combined viticultural experience of over 100 years led by Piers Greenwood.

Piers began his winemaking career in Alsace in France, trained by the prestigious Hugel et Fils family and heavily influenced by the region’s wine styles. Piers has been producing critically acclaimed fruity and aromatic wines ever since, which have won over 200 awards in the last 40 years including trophies, international sommelier awards and the prestigious UKVA Winemaker of the Year three times.  New Hall’s ethos centres on supporting the East Anglian wine industry by providing help, consultation, winemaking facilities and on-going advice for smaller and expanding vineyards. Currently producing over 120,000 bottles of still and sparkling wine, there will be a further 30 acres planted in the next few years.



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